Saturday, March 29, 2008


Here in P-town Utah we college students like to break it down on weekends. And by break it down I mean do the Boot Scootin Boogie! After a wonderful dance with his family the Saturday before Kaleb wanted to impress me even more with his Country Swing dance skills. And MAN HE GOT SKILLS!!! So we rounded up my roommates and some of his friends and headed down to the Country dance club for a big group date! (All of the girls in the picture are my roommates. Two of them have their boyfriend/fiance with them. And the rest three other girls are with Kaleb's friends. Super fun!!

Now let me be very honest here. I knew before country dance that Kaleb was strong but it didn't hit me how strong till he was throwing me through the air like a feather! Here we are being gangstas:

Then came Skippy. Before I begin my story of a man named Skippy let me try to give you a visual. Skippy was about 5'8'' with a red goatee and shirt that said, "I hate Valentine's DAY!"
I will never know why we were destined to meet Skippy but I am privileged to say I have. (End of preface here is where the story begins)

The dance hall was hot and Kaleb and I had been dancing for a solid 30mins. So at this point we were a little sweaty and were excited to spend time alone. So we snuck away from our group of friends and went outside where it was softly snowing. (Keep in mind: We haven't kissed, cuddled, held hands nothing oh yeah and it is our second date. YEEHAW!) Earlier that night in between songs Kaleb had kind of held on to my hand a little bit longer so I was super excited when we decided to go outside! Outside we cooled of really quickly because of how cold it was. So we did the only sensible thing to do in a time like that CUDDLE!!! (Ha Ha we know how to work the system!) Oh man there are not words to describe how awesome that was.

Gradually as the snow kept falling softly and the loud music from inside turned to a slow song we hugged a little tighter. Now I can't quite say if Kaleb was going to kiss me that night because I never got to find out. As we moved even closer we hear this, "AWWWWW isn't that just adorable!" SHOCKED and slightly horrified we turned to see Skippy staring at us standing two feet away. We both sheepishly smiled. "You two are just so cute!" he said. We thanked him and were about to turn back to hugging when he stepped closer and kept talking to us. At this point we politely turn to face him still with our arms around each other for warmth! :) Now I am going to summarize the rest of the story because Skippy proceeded to talk to us for the next 15 minutes so if you want the juicy details then you are just going to have to call Kaleb or I. (Which we would love to tell you about!)

But here is a brief summary of what Skippy told us. "So you have been dating for 4 days huh? Well have you talked about children yet? (He turns to Kaleb) Come man you have got to get down close to her stomach and say daddies here. Cause that is important and you need to make sure you can do that. (He turns to me) That will help further your relationship you know. (Kaleb and I are shocked at this point but decide to play along. So we thank Skippy for his advise and ask if we can name one of our children after him.) Of course!! In fact you won't even need to discipline him because if he ever does anything wrong just ask him what he is doing with Skippy's name. (Afraid of getting anymore parenting advise from Skippy we changed the subject and asked him why he was wearing a shirt that said, "I hate Valentine's Day."He then turned to me) Well if I had someone who looked like you on Valentine's Day I wouldn't hate it. (Kaleb squeezed me tighter and smiled). Just before he left, he pulled up his shirt, revealing what would stain our minds forever. He had shaved into his chest a heart and on his belly was the word love! We never knew we would see that naked hairy torso of a man the day before valentines day.

WHEW-what a night almost getting kissed by prince charming then getting Skippified(which is a term that is used for when a romantic moment is ruined) we went home pooped!
Pole Vaulting!!! Me and Jared! (Little brother)

Kaleb is so good with my little brother Justin!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our first date:

It has been said that when you serve people you love them more. It was the day before Kaleb was supposed to go to a Valentines dance with his family and he still didn't have a date. Early that evening he and Jo(his roommate) were on their way to play dodge ball and they decided they would call my roommate Reagan to see if any of us girls wanted to come. (Clever boys) I happened to be sitting right next to Reagan (who was cuddling with her man at the time) when the phone rang. She ignored the ringing so I answered. Jo asked me if we wanted to come play so I rallied two of my roommates Whitlie and Karlie to come with me. We all crammed into the trusty 20 yr old Camry(Named RUSTY) and headed to the church where about 25 other people were waiting to play dodge ball.

At about 12:00am we were tired of playing so we started to head home. By this time Kaleb had realized he was in trouble he didn't have a date and it was the day of! So being the very resourceful man that he is turned to us girls sitting in the back and asked, "Would any of you be willing to do a service project for me?" Instantly I was intrigued, if the service meant hanging out with him on a Friday night you could count me in!

Well let's just say I was kind of nervous to say anything at first. Here was this awesome man asking if I wanted to spend time with him. What kind of question is that? Is the earth round? Fortunately I have good roommates who quickly piped in, "Oh we are busy but Lindsey do you have anything?" At this point I got over my nervousness and said that I didn't have anything. (Even if I did I would have canceled!)

Normally a first date means dinner with just you two and maybe a movie after. But let's face it Kaleb and I are far from normal. So in order to be consistent in our abnormality our first date was with his FAMILY AT A VALENTINE'S DAY DANCE! I know you are thinking to yourself AWKWARD! But it was far from awkward! It was AWESOME! Loving his family was as easy as making coolaide. JUST ADD WATER and there you have it coolaide. JUST MEET THEM and there you have it LOVE!

Having fun at the dance!

How it began:

Once upon a time there was a handsome young man named Kaleb. Kaleb was a super star athlete from Lone Peak High School and loved to play sports whenever he could. In his effort to get his sports fix and a desire to try new things, he found out about inner tube water polo. So he got a team together with a bunch of his friends. As the season started, being the good sport that he is, Kaleb offered to take the unwanted goalie position. The whistle blew and the game began. GOAL!!!! “Oh wait…” Kaleb thought, “that girl just scored on me.” (Here is where I come into the picture yep you guessed it I was that girl!) The whistle blew several times before Kaleb realized that, “wow she has an arm.” (Thank you Basketball! Lindsey wouldn't say this but she was a four year varsity player at Lone Peak...I love you Linds) Kaleb also noticed that I seemed to know all of his teammates. As the game went on we found ourselves talking while we floated around waiting for one of my teammates to throw me the ball so I could try and score. Soon into talking we realized that we had attended not only the same high school but the same junior high and elementary school. BIZARRE! After the game (which to his credit his team won) there was a team that had forfeited so they needed people to stay. In an attempt to not only procrastinate my homework but to talk to Kaleb more, I told he and Jo to stay and play the extra game with me. And they did…