Friday, August 28, 2009

Preparing for approaching Parenthood!!

As parenthood approaches Kaleb and I are doing everything that we can to prepare. Thanks to the tremendous kindness of so many our little guy is going to have a home full of warmth, love, food, the gospel, music and everything else that he needs.

I'm a workin on the wardrobe...

This i going to be my special rocking comfy!!!!

As a future mom and a future dad we realize that certain things change. (Ha ha understatement) So we are doing certain things as much as possible before our chance to do them becomes less and less:
-Staying up late
-Going to parties
-Taking naps together
-Sleeping in
-Going to the Temple
-Sitting next to each other at church
-If you have any recommendations please tell us

Kaleb and his buddies playing in the dirt again