Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dear Ethan post 2

Dear Ethan,
You need to know that your dad and I are your biggest fans! No one will ever out cheer us at any of your events! The above video was taken on a car ride to Grandma's house. Such talent!! You are singing, "We are young" by the band Fun.

We love you Ethan Conrad Thompson!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Epic Year = Epic Post

Ok so we have a little catching up to do since I have been MIA for the last two months. Let me explain myself...
1. Official Announcement: Kaleb Conrad Thompson and Lindsey Nicole Thompson graduated from Brigham Young University April 2012. It has been a long road but we made it!!
2. Kaleb got in to University of Louisville Dental School and Roseman University Dental school. After much prayer (emphasis on the much) we decided to attend Roseman. Which means 4 more years in UT. School starts in August.
3. The third and grandest annoucement is that our handsome, healthy wonderful little boy Teagan Neal Thompson joined our family on April 25th 2012, weighing in at 7.3 pounds, 20 inches. Labor was a breeze, which breeze is not usually a word associated with labor but it's true! I labored for 4 hours and pushed for 9 minutes when BAM he came. It was AWESOME! Ethan is the best big brother ever and we are so grateful Teagan is here! (Ethan calls him Teagy)
4. We MOVED!! (Pictures of the new house coming soon) I would like to pay tribute to our first house by this little poem:
   You were small but we became a family within your walls.
   You were small but you housed our first two children.
   You were small but you kept us safe.
   You were small but the spirit dwelt with in your walls.
   You were small but we loved you!
I think that is all of our recent changes! Below are some pictures Awesome Ashley took. You rock Ash!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Ethan,

I have decided that at least once a week, (ok I know my current record is bad) to write Ethan a little letter containing cute/fun/special things he did that week. In essence a little journal of stories from his childhood so he can share them with his kids! So here we go:

Dear Ethan, 4/2/2012

Two nights ago we were driving home from Grammy Pfluegy's and you were trying to tell me something. I couldn't quite tell if you were saying, "my farter" or "my father", so I asked you to say it again but louder. Currently at your ripe old age of 2 years and 5 months you must think that louder means to whisper because you repeated what you said more softly then you had before. Needless to say I didn't understand you so I said, "What?" In response you sighed and said "never mind". Looking in the mirror at your little crest fallen expression I couldn't help but smile. I contorted my arm around to hold yours while still watching the road of course, and told you that I wanted to hear what you had to say I just needed you to say it louder. So... you changed to a different story. Mommy's little chatter box ;)

The picture below is proof that your favorite food is "Chinese noodles". Which is technically what you call any pasta.

Anyways I love you son! Daddy and I treasure the the precious spark you bring to your lives!

We will love you forever. We will love you for always.

Yours forever,
Daddy and Mommy

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Traditions- Family Gift Exchange

This is a shout out to the Thompson Troop for the fun gifts they sent our way! Never has there been a better time for a Snuggie and Giant Legos to keep a family warm and happy all winter long. Thank you Thompson Troop!

-Love Team Thompson