Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank you St. Valentine!!

Thanks to Kaleb I love Valentines Day! I don't mean to say that I didn't like it before because I did love it. But it was because you got to make cool boxes and take treats to your loved ones. Now I love it because my sweet husband and I get to enjoy family, food, and celebrate our love!!! This last Valentines day we went to Buca de Bepos and a concert with the family. It was unforgettable!
Wow that man is attractive!!
This was at the play we went to the night before with my fam and Kaleb's mom, dad, and grandma.

How did we get like this?

I have decided that my life has a little streak of craziness. I don't think that the people around me are crazy I think it is me! Or maybe everyone has a little bit of craziness inside and I bring it out in them. I wonder what people in Africa would think think of us if they saw the pictures below. If anyone can explain this phenomenon please help me understand how we got this way.

Who dresses like the Spice girls?

Who thinks that they are ring pop princesses?
What crazy person would drive in a storm like this?

What crazy person would stop and make faces as people
shoot past them down the mountain?
Who dresses up like gangsters?
Who dresses up like the Abominable snowman?
Who eats blue hot dog buns? Go BYU!
Who pretends to be Charlie's Angels and dances in the Grand America bathroom?