Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ten month Photo Shoot

Let's get a little update on Team Thompson shall we. We are all going to BYU, yes this includes Ethan haha kinda. We are workin hard and loving life. Kaleb is preparing for the DAT coming up this Spring and Ethan can say dadda, momma, gogo, pass and up. Some of our favorite family activities include passing any ball, playing in the toilet water, making messes, munching and laughing. The pictures on this post were done by my wonderfully talented sister Emily. Thanks again Em! One of my favorites is the little Nikon commercial we have in the top pic. Beautiful baby boy we love you so much! You have made us more happy then we could ever imagine. Oh by the way Ethan has a really cheesy side if you can't tell by his scrunchy face in some of the pictures. He makes it whenever you say, "show me your cheesy smile."

I am going to eat that camera if you take another picture!

Swiss cheese anyone?


Rubba dub dub Ethan in the tub?