Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hare Chrisna Temple

Have you ever been covered in chalk? We have. It's a blast I highly recommend it. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? We have. It's crazy I don't recommend it. Have you ever kissed a Llama? We haven't so you can tell us how it is. A couple weeks ago Jaleah (Kaleb's sister), Jeff(Who was a blind date at the time and is a great guy), Kaleb and I decided to go to the festival of colors at the Islamic temple. The events of the evening included fire dancing, crowd surfing (we didn't crowd surf but we helped others), llamas, miniature cows, an elephant, crazy dancing, singing, a pink chalk sky, chalk, chalk, did I mention chalk??? Several times Jaleah and I would be walking and people would throw chalk in our faces. Hence the reason why we are the chalkiest. Have you ever been to been to a festival of colors at an Islamic temple?

We Have. It is an incredible experience! You have to do it at least once. (Age limit: Must be 18 or older)